Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not a diet...

Last night we decided to eat terribly one last time before our healthy eating initiative began today. I refuse to call it a diet, because I hate being on a diet. Plus, this initiative is more about feeding my family well, and I don't need to put my 3 year old daughter on a diet. So, we splurged and went to CiCi's pizza...it's difficult to find a better place to kick off the initiative than a pizza buffet where you can also have cinnamon rolls for dessert. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and went home stuffed. We went grocery shopping after supper and I even passed up buying Baby Ruth ice cream (I love ice cream, and Baby Ruth is my favorite candy bar) because I knew I couldn't finish it all last night. So, the intiative began this morning with a healthy bowl of bran cereal and blueberries. I think we are having BLT's for supper....bacon, you say? No, we are not doing Atkins, but because this is not a diet, we are trying to eat balanced meals, and bacon in small amounts is fine. So I'm looking forward to my first BLT of the season!

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