Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A tip for sick kids!

With all the cautions in the news these days about cold medicine and children, I have been very careful with the things that I give to my daughter to battle her cold. Last week I was talking with a friend who mentioned that she wanted her kids to get a cough so that she could try out a new idea to combat it. She had read, and someone from her church confirmed, that putting Vick's Vapor Rub on the bottoms of the feet would help a cough. Now, I'm a bit skeptical, but it sounded like something reasonable to try should the occasion ever arise. Well, last night it did. I was doped up on Nyquil (a lovely, lovely invention), but still woke up to Leah coughing in the middle of the night. I went over to her bed and tried to soothe her with a back rub, some water, etc. She still coughed and coughed, for easily 20 minutes. Finally, somewhere in my brain I remembered the Vick's idea, so I went scrounging around and found some with the help of my sleepy husband. I rubbed it on Leah's feet, doubting that it would work since the cough was really really bad. But....within a minute her cough had stopped completely and she was sound asleep! I was amazed, and very thankful. I quickly succumbed to the powers of the Nyquil once again.

Why does it work? I have no idea. But, in a desperate moment it was worth a try, and now it's worth passing along. Here's hoping it's something that you never have to use, but in the event that you do, here's hoping that you can remember it! :)


Jayne said...

Hey, would that work for adults too??? Jeff has a cough now & then, I keep forgetting to ask the doc but I'm pretty sure it's a side effect of the meds.

adiaspeer said...

oh great tip! i'm not into meds either so i'm going to try it next time we have a cough!