Friday, October 26, 2007

Adventures in grocery shopping...

Grocery shopping has never ever been one of my favorite household tasks, but it is something I find myself doing far too often. I have tried to cut my trips down to once a week by cooking meals once a month, I have tried making a menu for a week and just shopping once a week, I have tried budgeting out just so much cash and then just spending that amount. But no matter what, I find myself wandering back to the store at least 2 times in week, many times more. Apart from moving to the country, or taking away my driving privileges, I don't exactly know how to fix this. I guess I could just use good ol' self-control, but that would take work! :)

At any rate, this morning I found myself back in the store with Leah in tow, and that is always an experience. She love to help bag the fruit and veggies, and now that she's counting everything, I often have her count four apples, or three oranges. That keeps her occupied for a little while. She loves the grocery store, and loves to experience all the colors and new things. And of course, I'm just trying to get through the place! When we finally get all the groceries in the cart, she announces her need for a bathroom, which has us running halfway across the store. That emergency taken care of, we can finally purchase our groceries. Leah loves to "help buy", so she has her little pink purse ready to go, with her .29 to purchase a yogurt. She helps load all the groceries on the belt, and since this store is a self-bagging store, she runs to the end to help bag as well. So...we have now restocked all our grocery bag supply, since Leah insisted on bagging one thing per bag. I caught up with her and started "helping", but this is something she loves to do, and takes great pride in. So there wasn't much I could do. :)

Overall, it's a fun time together...but harrowing at times. Adventures, indeed.

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Jayne said...

Wow, does this sound familiar...except for the fact that we don't have to bag our own, thank goodness, Dalaynee would put only one thing in each also! She, too, has a GREAT time in the grocery store...she constantly puts things in the cart that we don't need and if I don't see it at the store...I will surely find it when unpacking the bags at home!!! Anyway, I will reitterate what you said, it's a fun, sometimes harrowing experience. =O)