Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wanna Bet?

I have a bit of a competitive streak. Mike knows this well. I like to make little bets with him, and I like to win. However, Mike does not like to take my bets unless he knows he will win. Usually they are stupid little things where we both think we are right, so we bet on it, and have a little fun with it. I apparently haven't learned my lesson yet, since Mike is usually the winner in the bets that he takes. I haven't figured out how to trick him yet! Anyway, this week we bet on something rather silly, but the terms of the bet was that the loser would cook the winner breakfast on Saturday morning. Of course, I lost. So.....this morning I woke up and started on the breakfast. Saturday morning breakfasts are one of my favorite meals to eat together because it just has the feeling of vacation, and of taking a moment to spend time together. Mike was still in bed when I started frying the bacon. I also made really delicious coffee, a flavor called "Autumn Nights". How good does that sound? I made some eggs to go with the bacon, and then started in on the "special treat" of the morning. I had seen this week Paula Deen make fried cranberry fritters, so I thought I would give it a try. Basically, they were cranberry sauce dipped in batter and deep fried, so it was like a cranberry donut. It was so good! I was going to take a picture of mine, but I forgot, so you can check it out
here. They were delicious, and kind of a fun thing to have for my lost bet of a breakfast.

Mike is now outside mowing up the massive amounts of leaves that we have in our yard, and I'm getting ready to frost a cake we're bringing to a get-together tonight with friends from church. The cake is called "Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Torte", and it looks wonderful! I realize so many of my posts lately are about cooking...this time of year just makes me want to try all sorts of new recipes! If the cake is a hit I will post the recipe up here later.

So, in the spirit of the great Southern Paula Deen, Happy Fall, Ya'll!


adiaspeer said...

how come everytime i read your blog i come away hungry... hungry for something other than Ramon Noodles!?! when are they going to invent a tellaporter for computers that allows you to share food?? Mike, get on that okay!?

ricknieklikebike said...

We'll bring the homemade cinnamon rolls, you bring that "surprise" and we'll all leave the table fat-n-happy!