Sunday, July 27, 2008

6 Years!

This morning I was up long before the sun to bring my sister-in-law, my niece, and my nephew to the airport. We enjoyed having Katherine and Aaron spend the last week with us, and filled our days with trips to the zoo, swimming, movies, playing around the house, and finally a girls/boys day yesterday where we took the girls for a mini manicure/pedicure and Mike took Aaron fishing. We had a lot of fun, but now it's time to get back into the old routine again.

On my way home this morning, I was thinking about a morning 6 years ago when I also was up far before the sun, waking to get ready to walk down the aisle! It was a very special day, of course. We were so blessed to celebrate with so many friends and family, and we have some wonderful memories of that day. An anniversary is a good thing to celebrate, and I'm so thankful that today we get to be together to do so. We're going to be headed to brunch after church....something I always love to but we rarely do, so our "romantic" anniversary meal will be a brunch! I already was surprised with a dozen beautiful roses (he does well....!) and I enjoy the way they brighten my room.

So this morning, as the sun rises, I just wanted to spend a minute talking about this man that was willing to take me on as his wife...this incredibly patient, loving, faithful, hard-working, kind, intelligent, quirky (ahh, but you gotta love 'em), funny man. I'm blessed to be called his wife.


Jayne said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I have been told that I am so lucky to have had true love with such a wonderful man as I will pass that along to are truly lucky...I think you are both pretty special!!!! Give each other an anniversary hug from us!!!! Love you!!!

The Carroll family said...

Happy anniversary.. It was wonderful seeing you...Hope you had a wonderful celebration. Tuesday is our 19th.. so much to celebrate..
We got a weekend away which was wonderful..

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 years to the both of you!! Amy

lauri said...

Happy Anniversary. I remember when you called me and told me you met this guy on the computer...I like him way better in person. God is good. I hear you might do lunch with my niece tomorrow. Give her a hug for me...I miss her..not the adults, just her!