Sunday, July 06, 2008


Yes, yes, yes. I know that the last time I posted anything on here was Memorial Day. No, Leah is not still sitting in that lake lathering herself with mud. Yes, we have been having a good summer. No, we cannot believe that it is half over already. Yes, I'm deeply sorry that I have not posted more often. No, I will not ignore your pleas any longer! Yes, I will write again!

So what have we been up to? Our summer started off pretty quietly, with a few day-cations around Omaha. We've enjoyed a few trips to the zoo, a trip to visit Mike at work for lunch, several trips to the library, countless trips to the park, one or two trips to the pool. Leah took swimming lessons for two weeks in June, and Mike and Leah "enjoyed" spending 2 hours in the locker room during a tornado warning.

We kicked off the last few weeks with an amazing camping weekend spent with about 8 families from our church. Leah even rode on a tube behind a boat! Unfortunately, my camera was left on shore, but she loved every minute of it and is excited to do it again.

Two days after we got home from camping I left for a last minute trip to California to celebrate the life of my dear cousin Jayne's husband Jeff. It was a wonderful time spent with family, and I was thankful that I could also attend the most worshipful memorial service I've ever been to. Leah was able to spend the week with my sister and brother-in-law but was happy to have me come home again!

Four days after I got home from California, I re-packed to go to Sioux Falls to spend the 4th of July weekend with my parents. We drove our non-air-conditioned van 3 hours and spent a wonderful weekend there. The festivities on the 4th were a lot of fun, and we even had time for a trip to Worthington, MN where I used to teach. We drove back today watching the temperature climb. We were armed with ice water and battery operated fans and we made it to our cool house.

Now, we have two more days at home before we leave again! We're heading on Wednesday to Colorado Springs so that I can go to a conference for Learning Rx where I work. Mike and Leah are coming along and will "play" while I go to the conference. Thankfully, we're going to be able to rent a car (it's about a 9 hour drive) so we don't have to sweat it out!

So...that should catch you up a little! Our heads are spinning a bit around here, but we're thankful for a good summer so far.

Now I'm off to unpack, do laundry, repack, and rest!


Anonymous said...

Glad to know Leah has moved from the pond to the pool to the crazy hot car!! Seriously no AC?? Water, fans....were your heads out the window with your tongues hanging out! (That would be "FLIP" worthy! Enjoy your time in Colorado and promise that we'll get together before it's time to pull out the fall candles.....Amy

adiaspeer said...

i was begining to wonder if you'd ever return to the blog community... i'm glad you have and boy have you been busy! so i need camping with kids tips if you have any!!

Jayne said...

I just want to say how thankful I am that you were able to join us in California!!! I love you!