Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sea to Sea

I, like many of you, have had a busy summer. We've filled our days with lots of work, lots of play, a little bit of summertime laziness....all the things that go into making a summer special.

But one of the most fascinating things I've involved myself with this summer is something called Sea to Sea. I haven't gotten nearly as involved as the 200 or so people travelling from Seattle to Jersey City, NJ on their bikes, but reading the blogs that many of them are writing as they go on their journey has been a great glimpse into this adventure.

So why are these riders (who range in age from 18-80!) doing this? They are riding in conjunction with my denomination's ministries to end the cycle of poverty for families and individuals across the globe. They have raised funds that will contribute to these efforts, and continue to collect funds from interested people that they meet along the route. Not only do I admire what these individuals are physically accomplishing, but I am completely in love with the causes that they are riding for.

So in your summertime spare time, check out a blog or two! And if you happen to be somewhere near their route give them a shout out, or just a cold popsicle will do! :) And if you really are bowled over like I am by what they are doing, consider donating to their cause. (No amount too small....I was blessed to read yesterday about a waitress at a small little cafe where they were eating who gave $5 out of her tip money...simply beautiful.)

And if you are in my area, come join us tomorrow for worship...we will have many of the Sea to Sea riders joining us as they stop over in the Omaha area for their rest day. We are excited to greet many of them at this half-way point in their journey.

Godspeed, Sea to Sea-ers! And for the rest of you, I know this blog is link-happy, but it's worth your time to check it all out! I can't think of a better way to spend your time!! :)

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