Thursday, May 08, 2008

What a party!

As I write, Leah is on the front steps of our house playing with her Barbies. I was sitting out there with her watching her play...these are precious moments. She was busy getting her dolls ready for their party, and then they were off to the party! "But Leah," I said, "your Barbies don't have any pants on!"

"Duh," was her reply, "It's a no-pants party. Silly Mommy!"

I'm hoping that this is one party that I'm not invited to!


adiaspeer said...

lol wow! yeah don't invite me either Leah... and definitly not May-May :o)

Beth said...

the things that go on in those precious heads! I love it.

Jayne said...

I too am not wanting an invitation to that one, but Dalaynee might fit right in...her pants are the first things that come off when we get home!

lauri said...

...I was gonna say, invite Laynee Jo to that party...she is the pantless princess! Why don't you live closer..we could drink wine and watch those two have thier pantless parties..wouldn't that be fun?

Linda said...

in 15 years? not cute.

how's mr. eggplant doing?
any hair yet?
does leah start school soon?