Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rainy Day Thoughts

It is one of my favorite kinds of spring days...all day rain, where a good book and a warm blanket just call my name, and I can see the grass turn green quite literally before my very eyes.

Of course, before the book and blanket come the dishes and the laundry, and then lunch has to be made and then I have to think about supper, and then, and then, and then. So for a minute this afternoon I'm going to take some time to write a blog, and perhaps pick up a book for a little while. I have soup heating up for lunch, which seemed perfect for today. Why do all our moods seem to tie themselves to different types of food? I seem to tie one food or another to just about anything I am feeling. Except ice cream. I can tie that to any mood!

Last weekend I had the chance to go to Women of Faith with my mom, sister, sisters-in-law, and a few friends. It was the second time I've gone, and although I went into with a mood of "this is just one more thing to do", I really was able to settle down and find great blessing in it. One of my favorite moments was actually an unintentional one, which is probably why it stuck with me. Sandi Patty was performing, and had talked much about the process in her own life of peeling back the layers that we put on, resulting in discovering beauty that is only God-given. After a particularly rockin' song (seriously, Sandi was movin' and groovin'!), she danced off the stage, saying "Wardrobe Malfunction! Ladies, gather around!". So, all her friends who are also speakers and performers throughout the weekend encircled her, while another assistant went "up and under" to correct whatever had malfunctioned. Everyone continued to dance and sing, and it was something that was perfectly beautiful to witness. In a time when layers were most definitely being peeled back, she was surrounded with an incredible love and friendship. It reminded me of the friends who bless me in the same way...some who live close, others who live far away, but who will all gather 'round when I am having a malfunctioning moment, wardrobe or otherwise. I am certainly thankful for these friendships.

I think this may be enough for my rainy day musings today...I have a book still calling my name...


adiaspeer said...

oh yes you must send Mike on a mission to find it. it is so worth it!

p.s. i can't wait till my kids are old enough where they let me read mid-day :o)

Anonymous said...

Okay I would say I'm one of those friends that would be willing to join in on whatever craziness is happening in your life....but to go "up and under"....hmmmm I've really got to think about this!! Love this post:)