Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Real Update!

Finally, I'm sitting down for a little bit after a busy weekend and a busy day yesterday. I still have projects piling up (what is it about spring??), but a little snuggle time on the couch with Leah was called for. So we're snuggling, and I'm blogging! Today the weatherman promises 60 degree temperatures, so the plan for the afternoon is to GET OUTSIDE!!! Leah just requested that we build a snow family when we go out, but I very happily told her that there wasn't any snow to build with! So help me if this isn't the real spring...

We had a wonderful weekend with lots of different things going on. Friday night's wine tasting was a lot of fun...we tried several different wines that went with the chocolate that I had provided, and I even managed to make a chocolate cranberry biscotti to dip in the red wine, which was a new thing for most people. Leah had her first sleepover at a friend's house, and it went wonderfully. She couldn't stop talking about all the things she did, and she slept very well the night she came home!

Saturday's bridal shower/waffle brunch went well also. Our church is nearing the end of a building project, and much to our surprise, we showed up on Saturday morning to find the room with the kitchen was not functional at all. So....we went to plan B and used a ping pong table in the youth room as our kitchen, and still managed to get the waffles made. We actually had a lot of fun winging it this way, but we will be grateful for our new church kitchen which will be ready in just a few weeks!

Sunday was the day for much relaxing, and I managed to finish a whole book in a day. Yes, I stayed up until midnight to do it, but it was sure fun. Leah also was given a huge box to make a puppet theater from, so Mike cut a hole for a window, and Leah and I decorated it. We still have to get material for curtains, but it's a hit. Once more I'm convinced that kids need nothing more than a cardboard box and imagination. We've been doing lots of puppet shows, and I'm hoping to record one once and get it on here. Fun!

So now we're in the middle of another busy week, but somehow knowing that the sun is shining and that spring is on it's way makes all these activities better. It's about time!!!


Jayne said...

I know I don't have to deal with the snow and therefore don't get to see the change in the seasons like you...but...I am thankful for sunny So Cal days instead of cold and rainy. so I agree with you...kinda! =)

adiaspeer said...

dude i am so about to blog soon about how the only thing my kids play with is boxes. you are so right!

...stay tuned!

adiaspeer said...

hey, how are those dogs you love so much doing? sleeping better?

adiaspeer said...

mmmmm the margarita one is perfect (a little wordy thou)!

i so need one :o)

. . . said...

I was wondering when we get to see that puppet show!?