Saturday, February 16, 2008

Now this is customer service!

I think many people, myself included, are much more prone to quickly complain when we are dissatisfied than compliment when we are more than satisfied. However, I know how much I like to hear when I've done something well, and I can imagine that others like to hear it also. So this is a story of a great pizza, and even greater customer service.

Mike and I enjoy going out for pizza almost every Saturday night. However, in an effort to both save money and not go out into the cold, I started shopping around for good frozen pizzas. We have tried several, including the famous ones that we've all heard about. However, none can even stand up to the pizza that we discovered a few months back, Palermo's. Seriously, I don't give many product reviews on my blog, but this one is worth letting you know about. Their frozen pizzas have rivaled our favorite fresh pizza, and at a price we like to pay!

So I decided to let Palermo's Pizza know how much we loved their pizza. Not because I wanted anything in return, but because I truly just want to let someone know when a job is well done. I emailed them a few weeks back and got a response yesterday, with an offer for some coupons to try more pizzas for free! I'm telling you, I'm now sold for life. Great pizza plus great customer service equals a company I would like to support. And, I think it would be worth your while, if you love pizza too, to run to your nearest grocer and see if they carry Palermo's.

So ends my pizza tale. I'm getting hungry!


Jayne said...

The pictures on their website look real good and it says that Albertson's (our grocery store choice) sells will definately check it out, thanks for the tip!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaynie: Where did you see that on thier website, I looked all over it! I sent them an email and told them my crazy cousin in Nebraska is nuts over thier pizza and she is so not Italian, so it must be I feel like a fool! It's yours and Gina's fault! LVH