Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My room doesn't work!

We had a power outage yesterday. It was snowing, and the power went out. This doesn't happen very often in our area, and when it does, the power doesn't stay off for long enough to get concerned. Yesterday, however, it stayed off for an hour. One blissful hour.

Blissful, you say? When it's cold and snowing outside? And you have no heat or electricity? That was blissful?

Yes, because for one hour there was:

*No TV
*No computer
*No phones ringing or calls to make (yes, I had my cell phone, but it was low on juice, so I didn't use it)
*No lights, which made lighting candles fun!
*Lots of time to play all of Leah's games
*The fun of following Leah around, as she learned just how much we use electricity. "Mom," she yelled, "my room doesn't work either!"

The power came back just as I was starting to get a little bit cold, but we have a gas fireplace, so I was going to just turn that on. Which brings me to the reasons I wish it had stayed off for just a little bit longer. If it stayed off for one more hour, we would have turned the fireplace on, snuggled under blankets, ordered pizza, and eaten by candlelight. There's something heart-warming about that thought. Maybe the simplicity of it, I don't know. But as I was making supper last night, listening to the TV and the radio both blaring into my world, I decided that maybe we need to have power outages more often.


lauri said...

Hey, you can still shut everything off and order that pizza and get under that have the power to shut it all off, ya know...use the power to not use the power..that's good, huh? I just made that up...

adiaspeer said...

nice new layout!! i power is nice from time to time. each winter i always hope for a big blizzard where were all stranded together and yes the power is off.

Anonymous said...

Glad to find your new blog...since i'm a blogger want-a-be. Great picture of the three of you!! Amy

Linda said...

I want to have my next power outrage with you!!!

Debra said...

I started a blog of my own... I love reading yours.
Heres mine

shareit with your family. I dont have you guys emails addresses.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gina!!