Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow much fun!

We had so much fun getting outside today! Leah has been begging for new snowpants to play in the snow, so when I came home with them today she was very excited. Our original plan was to build a snowman, but the snow wasn't cooperating, so we just did the sledding thing instead. Regardless, it was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed both getting outside and having hot cocoa when we came in.

As an aside, I made this video using my Christmas gift from Mike, a Flip Video. I am so excited to be using it, and I'm sure you will be treated to more movies as I get the hang of it. Enjoy!


Jayne said...

Very cute!!!! Laynee would LOVE to be in the snow...maybe we can get her to the mountains sometime..oh well! Keep on practicing with your to see video!!!

ricknieklikebike said...

I've had a marked lack of a sledding the last 4 years...I gotta get me summa dat!

cassie haw said...

leah propelling herself forward on the sled cracked me up! so funny.