Friday, December 07, 2007

Love has come...

I have started and stopped a million entries since the event of the mall shooting in Omaha just two days ago. I eventually have come to realize that trying to make sense of it is not possible. It makes no sense that so much heartache could be inflicted in six minutes. From the initial shock of seeing something like this happening at a place where I have often been, to seeing the faces of those whose lives were taken, there is just no sense. My heart hurts.

Von Maur is a store that I love to walk through during the Christmas season. While it's not a store that I frequently make purchases from, they deck themselves out to the hilt for Christmas. Every year since I've lived here, I've made it a point to walk through there during this season. One of the special treats of the store is the playing of the grand piano that you can hear almost anywhere in the store. In a place where you normally would expect to see only consumer frenzy, you surprisingly get a moment of peace.

Until Wednesday. As I think about those minutes, I imagine the beauty of the scene being broken by unimaginable hurt. First, the hurt and pain in the boy's life that led to his actions that day. And the hurt and pain that has now impacted so many in our community. I have heard it said that the joyful spirit of the Christmas season has been taken away because of this senseless act. We are hurting. How can we celebrate?

But, we do celebrate. We celebrate because Love has come, a light in the darkness. We celebrate because during this time of advent, we have been reminded just how acutely we need a Savior who pierces the darkness with peace. We celebrate because even in this time of pain, we are comforted.

Oh Come, let us adore Him.


adiaspeer said...

beautifuly said. i've been thinking about you all. keep well.

Jayne said...

Very well said Cousin!!! Love you!!