Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lansky's Pizza...

Mike and I have been doing wonderfully on our new healthy eating initiative, and so far I've lost three pounds, which is good for a week in. Saturday night I had planned on grilling chicken and making a lovely salad, but after a day spent working in 100 degree heat, moving furniture around the house to make room for new furniture, vacuuming, cleaning, mowing, etc. etc., neither of us was really in the mood to make a nice meal. In fact, the only thing that really sounded good was our old pizza joint, Lansky's. Back when we lived 2 parking lots away from this fabulous Omaha institution, we would have Lansky's at least 2 times a month, many times more. Now we live 20 minutes away and we don't head there nearly as often. But Saturday night it just sounded perfect, and we both figured that we had burned enough calories that day to warrant a splurge on our favorite pizza. And I must say, every bite was fabulous. We had the Butcher's Special, which is basically meat, meat, and more meat. It was fantastic. There's something about a hot, productive Saturday that ends with excellent pizza.

And the grilled chicken salad was delicious for Sunday dinner!

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Annette B. said...

2 blogs?? You're too funny. :)