Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why This May be a part of my Night:

5:45-Leah wakes up from a dream. Consequently, Miss C wakes up as well. I decide I will just get up. Thankfully, the two go back to sleep.

5:50-Weigh myself, and discover I lost 2 more pounds! Think that this has got to be a great day if it starts like this!

8:30-Drop Leah off for her 2nd day of kindergarten.

9:00-11:00-Do some work, discover Mr. C & Miss C have emptied a Carmex container and written with marker all over themselves.

11:00-Try to do dishes, as my dishwasher is not working.

11:03-Discover the C's in a bedroom with diaper cream (retrieved from the top shelf of a closet) spread all over themselves, their clothes, the bed, and the carpet.

11:15-Clean the kids up, and get them in the car to get out of the house.

11:30-Discover I have forgotton my purse at home, and realize there is something in there I need.

11:31-Turn the van around, go back home.

11:45-Retrieve purse, head out again.

12:00-Order two hamburgers from Sonic for the kids, ketchup only. Receive two hamburgers with everything BUT ketchup.

1:30-Return home. NAP TIME!!!

2:30-Receive long-awaited package from Amazon in the mail. Open it, and find $120 worth of Wii games. Weird, since we ordered two books. And we don't have a Wii. Checked the packing slip, realized it belonged to a neighbor two streets over.

3:00-Throw a load of laundry in. I have to do SOMETHING productive today!

3:15-Get kids up, leave to pick Leah up from school.

3:20-Sit in very long car line, and watch my gas tank slowly empty. It flat lines. I start praying. All I need is to hold up a whole line of cars by running out of gas.

3:30-Make it to the school, get Leah! Now to get gas!

3:33-Nearly get hit head on by three teenage girls racing through the neighborhood. I blared my horn, and they blared something else. I felt very old.

3:40-Find the gas station, only to discover that every other pump is out of order. I wait, and am impressed by my van's ability to keep chugging along.

3:43-Finally get gas!

3:55-Stop by neighbor's to drop her Wii games off. She wasn't home, but on her front porch was OUR Amazon box. Weird. So I made the exchange and went home.

4:00-Open the washing machine to put the laundry in the dryer, discover that I washed the clothes with a paper grocery bag. Brown paper residue and chunks COVERED the clothes and the washing machine. Lovely.

4:01-4:45-3 time outs and a white flag of surrender later, Mike finally comes home!

6:00-Suppertime. Surprisingly enough, fairly uneventful!

6:30-Mike fixes dishwasher. Things seem to be coming back to some state of normalcy.

6:39-I finish the blog post. Showers are next, followed by an early bedtime. You know what comes after that. :)

Here's to a more relaxing tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could enjoy a glass of wine with you!! Like I said you are a saint in soooo many ways!!!! Amy

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

I was going to suggest a new dishwasher...but then Mike feels so useful, now I just don't know.

the slackmistress said...

Gina, you may want to check my most recent blog post. ;)