Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We've had a great time celebrating the ushering in of the new year today. Last night we went to our friends' Pastor Dan and Rachel to play games and eat yummy food. We didn't make it until midnight, but I enjoyed waking up early this morning and having some quiet in the house before the fun began. My sister and her husband came over for some Rose Parade watching, complete with mimosas and sausage wonton appetizers (thanks, Adia!). Mike also made real egg nog and it was awesome. Trust me. We spent the afternoon at the mall...Leah played, and we did a little shopping. Tonight we're just taking it easy, and enjoying one last night of holiday fun.

So...in the spirit of the changing of years, I'm ripping off Adia's idea and listing my five favorite discoveries of 2007. I'm also going to list my five favorite Leah quotes of 2007, just for a little added bonus.


1. Rubbing Vick's on the feet to stop a cough! Seriously, the best thing ever, and it has helped all of us get through this miserable cold season.

2. Freecycle I have been able to get rid of so many things that we don't need, and take on a few things that we do, all at no cost! In the spirit of free exchange, I have thoroughly enjoyed using freecycle.

3. My new Flip video camera. I love the size and ease of use!

4. The planning ahead for the holidays that I did... I started budgeting for and buying Christmas gifts many months ago, and it just made this time of year so much more fun. I was able to find or make something very special for each person on our list, and I didn't feel like all I did was exchange gift cards. I really enjoyed the holidays this year, due in part to this.

5. My new favorite recipe website: Razzle Dazzle Recipes. Aside from having a really fun name to say, I found a lot of really great recipes to try over the Christmas season, and they were all hits.


1. "Mommy, I see a cow!" This was said on our way home from the hospital after having tubes put in Leah's ears. Given that we were in the middle of Omaha, and there was no cow to be seen, I think the anesthesia was talking here....

2. "Is this California?" We were not fifteen feet off the ground in Omaha, flying to LA, when Leah asked this. At this point we had a feeling it could be a long flight!

3. "Lucas, you need to stop crying now! I can't hear my movie!" This came at the end of a long car ride to Denver with my sister Annette and Leah's new cousin Lucas. Leah had been so patient for the whole ride, helping out with his pacifier and blanket. But, we knew she was done being helpful when he was screaming, and she just looked at him and said this, hands over her ears. We had a good laugh. :)

4. "But Mommy, Today is Tomorrow!" I'm famous for telling Leah that we might do something tomorrow, or later, or sometime. This fall she got frustrated with me and told me like it is. It was a good lesson in procrastination, and needless to say, we got the task done...today!

5. "I feel my heart! I feel Jesus in my heart!" This one needs no further explanation.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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adiaspeer said...

wow you make the wontons!! that makes me happy :o) good lists!